mission 21

is a fusion of five protestant missionary societies whose roots are in German-speaking Switzerland:

Basel Mission
Swiss Herrnhut Mission
Protestant Mission in Kwango (S.W. Congo)
Swiss East Asia Mission
Swiss South Africa Mission
(linked nowadays to the Communauté evangélique d'Action Apostolique, CEVAA)

Since 1st January 2001 mission 21 has taken over responsibilitiy for the operations of these five missionary societies, both overseas and in Switzerland. The Basel Mission remains owner of its archive, but its archival staff are appointed by mission 21, and operationally the Basel Mission archive is now part of the section of mission 21responsible for adult education, research and short-term exchange programmes with overseas partners.

In south-west Germany the Basel Mission German Branch is a member of EMS(Association of Missions and Churches in south-western Germany) which unites the provincial protestant churches of Baden-Württemberg, the Palatinate and Hessen with the Basel Mission, the German East Asia Mission, the Herrnhut Mission in south-western Germany, and the support organisation for the "Syrian Orphanages". The Basel Mission in Germany has no separate archival organisation, however, the archive in Basel having responsibility for both the Swiss and German branches of the organisation.


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