First Time Users. Basic Search Procedures

The only way of approaching the photographs on this web site is by doing a SEARCH.

Click "Search" on the main menu bar at the top of the "Welcome" screen.

Read the conditions which apply to the use of this web site, and click "I agree".

This brings you to the Search Command Screen

on this screen you can start a search by choosing to search for

  • Proper Names (of persons depicted)
  • Institutions
  • Photographers/Photo Studios
  • Themes
  • Places
  • The reference numbers of individual photographs

  • Proper Names, Institutions and Photographer/Photo Studios are arranged as simple alphabetical lists.Click on the first letter of the surname of the person you need (proper names and photographers) or the first letter of the institutional name. Please note, however, that "umlauts" (the German signs ä, ö, ü) come at the end of the alphabetical order. After "Byssig" comes "Bähler", for instance.

    Themes and places are arranged in hierarchical lists.

    The white field for reference numbers is intended to help you find a photograph again quickly when you have found this information during an earlier search.

    When you have chosen a search criteria by clicking on it, you may return automatically to the "Search" - or you may have to click on "confirm".

    The "Search" shows you what search criteria you have chosen ("Your search request"). It offers you the following possibilities:

  • "Show results" immediately
  • Narrow your search criteria by adding (new) criteria with "AND"
  • Extend your search criteria by adding new criteria with "OR".
  • Nullify the last criteria you entered ("undo last selection").
  • Start a new search ("reset selection")

  • "Show Results" leads you to the "Search Results" screen. This tells you how many pictures your search has found, and offers them to you in alphanumerical order of reference number, in blocks of 10.

    From each block of 10 pictures you can proceed to the next block of 10, ("next page"), return to the previous block of 10 or go back to the "Search".

    Each picture is shown with brief catalogue information including its catalogue reference number and a translation of the original caption.

    Each picture offers you 3 larger sizes of resolution which you can call up by clicking on the size you want - "open in......" (Remember that the larger the resolution the longer it takes to get the picture on your screen). (Are these enlargements always on a second screen?And how do you get rid of them?)

    Each picture also offers you access to the full cataloguing information ("master information") (click on "more details").

    Each picture is part of an "entity" - an album, for instance, or a file. Knowing which entity a picture belongs to can help you assess its importance. Click on "Entity information" to get basic catalogue information on the entity "entity information" screen.

    If you want to see the contents of each entity, presented in the same way as your other search results in blocks of 10 pictures with outline information, click "Consult entity".

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