Project History Overview

<Starting point>

Project narrative

<Stage one: 1990-1993> defining the parts of the collection to be included in the project; basic cataloguing; the execution of the agreed technical procedures; the creation of an interactive system for computer-steered access to a body of c. 28,000 images, 1990-1993
<Stage two: 1994-1997> originals into "deep storage", first experiences with comprehensive cataloguing
<Stage three: 1997-1998> extending the cataloguing to cover all the images on the video disc
<The pictorial collection in the Basel Mission archive>
<Financial requirements of the project, and list of donors>
<Membership of advisory board>

<Modern media and basic archival problem> technical procedures simultaneously orientated to long-term international access and the solution of problems of conservation

Catalogue methodology

<Database: vital statistics>
<Subjects: keyword hierarchy>

<Conservation and restoration>

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