The Rules for the use of pictures on this website

Ownership of the pictures on this website lies with the Basel Mission.
The organisation has made them available on the website because we want them to be thought about and used. It is certainly possible to publish them. But if you do want to publish any of the pictures on this website we ask you to observe three rules and two taboos.


You must inform the Basel Mission archive before publishing any of these pictures and await confirmation of permission from Basel - please contact us.
NB "publish" includes all types of display in electronic and paper the media. It also includes using them in an exhibition.

Your publication must make it clear that the pictures are from the Basel Mission archive. Whatever other information you give about each image you must publish its reference number, the date, place and name of photographer as given in the database, and the original caption (in translation if you are publishing in English).

We expect you to pay a user's fee. For details, please write directly to the Basel Mission.
NB the Basel Mission is an NGO which concentrates on contemporaroy problems and programmes. The archivist is expected to maximise as much as reasonable possible the archive's income. We think it is fair, if you are publishing our pictures, to expect you to pay a fee to offset the costs of maintaining this collection and this website.


These image may not be used for commercial advertising.
They may not be used for political propaganda or in publications of a racist or sexist nature.
The Basel Mission is prepared to enforce these taboos by taking legal proceedings against people who break them.

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