holds a large and outstanding collection of photographs from Asia and Africa, dating as far back as the 1850s. This represents a major potential for research and for the newly emerging media-linked uses made possible by the internet. For several years now this collection has been systematically catalogued and up-graded in order to facilitate an intended electronic publication. The original plan was to publish images and catalogue on a series of CD-Roms. This project instead proposes publication on the internet/web. Internet has, not least, the great advantage that it can support multi-lateral dialogue on a world-wide basis, project seeks to incorporate new and differentiated discourse about the mutual history subsumed under the terms "colonialism" and "mission"
The website with the picture archive of the Basel Mission pursues the following aims:

To make a unique set of documents accessible on a world-wide basis;

To motivate potential users actually to make use sustained of the materials made available;

To create procedures for a participatory and contributive exchange between the Basel Mission and users of this website, and among the users themselves.

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